We supply 100% Authentic & Genuine Raw Indian Hair. We are the Direct Manufacturers of Indian Hair Products with our production & company set up in India. We acquire Raw Indian Hair from local Temples in India and through our reliable vendors. Each Raw Hair bundle is carefully inspected and selected and processed to provide our customers 100% Authentic, Unprocessed & Premium Raw Indian Hair products. There’s ‘NO MIDDLEMAN’. We are the ‘DIRECT SUPPLIERS’. This is our ‘FACTORY ONLINE OUTLET’ to provide our customers True & Genuine Indian Hair which they desire at the BEST POSSIBLE PRICE with our Communication office in Houston, Texas. We believe in Customer Satisfaction & that our Customers shall get the Maximum Benefits. We believe in creating and having long term relationship with our customers by serving them with the BEST INDIAN HAIR every time they purchase from us.

Facts about Indian Hair

  • In India, Millions of Hindu women offer their hair to GOD due to their religious beliefs.
  • World’s 80%-85% of Raw Hair comes from the Temples in India and that’s a FACT coz hardly anywhere in the world this much number of women get their heads shaved off.
  • The Temples use the money they get for the hair for the maintenance of the temples & for the betterment their community and to feed the needy/poor people.
  • Real Indian Hair comes in Natural Textures i.e. Natural Straight, Wavy & Curly only. If anyone sells you Indian Hair in Deep Wavy, Deep Curly etc (all bundles look exactly same) then that’s not the actual Indian hair you are buying.
  • Each Indian Hair bundle is unique and slightly different from each other coz No Women in the world has same here. Therefore, Indian hair textures may slightly wary from bundle to bundle. EVER WONDERED WHY BRAZILLIAN, MALAYSIAN, PERUVIAN HAIR WHICH IS AVAILABLE IN THE MARKET, LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME?
  • Real Indian Hair is Not Separated/segregated by any Grades such 5A, 6A or 7A etc. Only hair from China or Chinese suppliers grade the hair like this.
  • Actual Indian Hair is separated/segregated as ‘REMY HAIR’ or ‘NON-REMY HAIR’ Only.

NOTE: Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian etc hair which is available in the market, its possible that the hair is chemically processed (harsh chemicals, acid wash, steaming etc) to give the hair exactly the same curl or wave patterns. Wearing such chemically processed hair may can be harmful for you coz you’ll be wearing the hair all day long and smelling such chemically processed hair can affect your health internally.(This information is provided just for the awareness).