What is Virgin Indian Remy Hair or Indian Temple Hair?

Ans: In India, Millions of Hindu women donate their hair in temples due to their religious beliefs. In this way we get the hair directly from the Indian temples.
Virgin Indian Remy Hair is the quality which is 100% Unprocessed(never been processed with chemicals or colors) and all the cuticles are intact and aligned in same direction from head to tail which prevents the hair from mating and tangling.

Can the hair be colored?

Ans: Yes. You can color the hair. Our hair has never been chemically treated so it can handle the coloring process very well. However, once you color or process virgin hair, it’ll no longer be virgin. We recommend consulting a professional if you wish to color the hair.

How many Bundles do I need to Purchase?

Ans: We recommend 2 bundles for lengths from 10’’ – upto 14” or 16’’, 2-3 bundles for lengths 16’’ – upto 22” or 24’’ and 3-4 bundles for lengths 26’’ & above. Also, take into consideration that number of bundles required also depends on the style & volume you desire. (Usually 2-3 bundles are enough to cover the head).

Can I make different styles with this hair?

Ans: Yes. You can make whatever style you wish to have. You can cut, straighten, make wave & curls to get your desired style or look. We would recommend using/consulting a professional.

Can I cut the wefts?

Ans: We do not recommend cutting the weft. If you or your stylist are going to cut the weft then please make sure that the ends are sealed properly coz cutting ends may lead to shedding of hair from the wefts if not properly sealed. CUTTING THE WEFTS WILL VOID ANY AND ALL WARRANTIES.

Is the hair pre-washed or I need to wash the hair when I first receive the hair?

Ans: Yes. When you’ll first receive the hair, it is been shampooed and conditioned already. But we would recommend you to wash the hair when you first receive it to examine if there are any issues such as tangling etc. If you notice any issues with the hair please contact immediately and we will happily exchange it for you.
If the hair is cut, colored or installed, we will not be able to make an exchange. Please make sure you get the hair installed by a professional for best results.

How long does the hair last?

Ans: Our hair can last upto 8-12 months or more if proper care is taken. We would recommend to wash and condition the hair twice in a week with a good shampoo and conditioner to keep the hair moisturised so hair doesn’t get dry and tangled as the hair is not alive anymore.

How do you accept Payments?

Ans: We accept all payments via PayPal.

How do you ship and process the orders?

Ans. Herproducts101 ships all orders directly from its factory in India. We will ship all available items within 2-3 business days (72 hours) after receiving confirmation of your payment. Our system emails you an order receipt upon completion of your order. Our goal is to get the hair to you as soon as possible. However, we will need your payment to be processed prior to shipping hair out.

Weekends and holidays do not count as business days. Shipping Charges will be calculated at the time you proceed for check out.

We provide tracking information for all  orders. All orders are shipped by DHL from India.

Do we provide International Shipping?

Ans: Yes. We ship Worldwide.

Exchange and return policy?

• We have a No Refund Policy. As the nature of our products, All sales are Final.
But if you are not happy with the hair you receive and want to make an exchange, please contact us within 48 hrs – 72 hrs via Telephone or Email and we’ll happily do the needful for you.
• The hair has to be in original condition and completely unaltered to be eligible for an exchange. If we feel that the hair is altered or not in original condition, we hold the right to refuse any and all exchanges.
• Clips holding the weft together have to be intact. If they’re cut, or the hair is used in any manner, the sale will be considered final.
• Any shipping & insurance charges related to an exchange are to be borne by the customer.
• If we don’t have your order in stock, we’ll contact you immediately to make other arrangements or you can choose to have your order refunded. This is the only scenario where we process refunds.

Please note that following situations are NOT considered eligible by www.herproducts101.com for exchange or return:

a) The Texture is too wavy/curly/straight or less wavy/curly/straight than what you expected. Since our hair is 100% Natural & Unprocessed there may be slight variations in the textures of each bundle as each bundle is unique and has its own properties. No women hair is exactly the same.
b) Color is too dark or too light than what you expected. Since our hair is 100% Natural & Unprocessed there may be slight variations in color of each bundle as each bundle is unique and has its own properties and No women hair is exactly of same color. (We try our best to sort the hair in similar group of colors i.e. Natural Black or Natural Brown, but we cannot guarantee an exact match).

• Returned packages must be accompanied by a copy of the original invoice.
• Merchandise must be received before a return/exchange can be granted.
• Shipping, handling and insurance costs will be at the customer’s expense. We strongly recommend that your purchase insurance and signature upon delivery to make sure we safely receive your order.
• Please do not temper with the hair in anyway, espceially if you have doubts and will like to return it, that means no combing, washing or chemically altering the hair.